Rain fall

West, Ella.

212 pages.
On cover: A missing neighbour, a mysterious boy- a murder?
Summary: This morning I'm not running late, like I usually am. Maybe that's why I look in the river, maybe that's why I stop when I see it. It's a coat. Floating. A dark coloured raincoat. I can see the outside of it, the arms spread wide, heading hood-first down the river. And then it starts to rain. 15-year-old Annie just wants to get to school in time for basketball try-outs, but the police have cordoned off her street. How inconvenient! But inconvenience turns to something more serious when the house down the road explodes in a fireball. Annie has known the young man who lives there all her life. Could he possibly be guilty? Or is there something deeper going on? In setting out to find the truth, Annie discovers more than she planned: a handsome new friend, an aptitude for trick riding, and a potentially deadly secret.
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genre:Mystery and suspense stories.
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