101 ways to conquer teen anxiety : simple tips, techniques and strategies for overcoming anxiety, worry and panic attacks

McDonagh, Thomas

Hatcher, Jon Patrick

One hundred and one ways to conquer teen anxiety Hundred and one ways to conquer teen anxiety Contents: Am I Losing My Mind, or Is This Anxiety Thing? -- Medication vs. Therapy -- Teens and Tech -- Family -- School Anxiety -- Dating, Sex, and Popularity -- Jobs and Money -- Anxiety Related to the Future -- Anxiety and Substance Abuse -- Mental Filters -- Anxiety and Sleep -- Self-Harm and Suicide -- Cause and Effect of Long-Term Anxiety -- 101 Ways to Quickly Alleviate Anxiety Summary: Teens today are more stressed than ever. Whether they face problems with school, friends, parents or all of the above, teens need help. Based on cognitive behavioral therapy, the most widely used and popular anxiety therapy among clinicians, 101 Ways to Conquer Teen Anxiety offers dozens of beneficial quizzes, activities, tips and illustrations to help teens: identify the most common anxiety triggers, learn essential skills to prevent anxiety attacks, redirect risky behavior, including substance abuse and self-harm, understand the options of therapy and medication, overcome the spike-and-relapse cycle. From mindfulness meditation and the repetition of positive mantras to diaphragmatic breathing and nature walks, the activities in this book both calm the body and keep thoughts from spiraling. (Back cover)
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Thomas McDonagh & Jon Patrick Hatcher
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